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Upcoming Classes

Quechua 104 is in progress.


204 will start late April 2023.

Quechua 101 will start September 2023.


We use Quechua Cusqueño, Year One, by Douglas Cooke, available from Amazon and other bookstores. We use the Third Edition (2023), but the Second Edition (2022) is mostly compatible with the Third Edition.


























Anthony Rodrigo Tueros Fernández

(Andahuayllas, Apurímac/Lima)

is a translation and interpretation student at the Universida Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima. His mother tongue is Quechua and he holds an advanced certificate in Collao Quechua from the Ministerio de Cultura. Rodrigo has been teaching with the Collective since 2020.

Douglas Cooke

(Brooklyn, NY)

is the director of education at the Quechua Collective. He is the author of Quechua Cusqueño, Year One. He has been teaching with the Collective since 2018.

Elva Ambía Rebatta

(Chincheros, Apurímac/Brooklyn)

was born in Huancavelica, Peru, and began learning Quechua as a child in Chincheros, Apurímac. She moved to the U.S. in the 1960s and founded the Quechua Collective in 2012. She is the author of Qoricha, a trilingual children's book, available from Barnes & Noble.

Emma Vadillo Quesada


 is an editor and translator from France and Peru. She learned Quechua at NYU and INALCO. She has been teaching with the Collective since 2020.

Ethan Crane


is a graduate of the University of Georgia's linguistics and classics programs who studied Cusco-Collao Quechua as an undergraduate and immersively in Peru. He is interested in the indigenous languages of the Americas and their histories (cultural and linguistic), and in preserving these languages to ensure their future survival. He has been teaching with the Collective since 2020.

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