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The Quechua Collective of New York is comprised of native Quechua speakers, heritage speakers, and students from the New York area. Our mission is to preserve and diffuse Quechua through classes, workshops, and cultural events. Millions of people speak this indigenous language in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and the United States. It is our desire to support those Quechua speakers living in NYC and allow the language to be shared with the greater community and generations to come. Follow us on Eventbrite to learn about our classes. 


What our students say:

"I simply cannot believe how fortunate I am to have found a way to receive such high quality teaching outside of a university."

"Thank you for leading the class with so much grace and thoughtfulness and for contributing your knowledge of grammar and language. You explain concepts clearly, in ways that I can understand."

"Me gusta la manera en que enseñas, es amable pero riguroso. Das contexto detrás de las razones que usas ciertas palabras en Quechua, y como soy una estudiante nueva, lo aprecio mucho. Tu experiencia como hablante nativo es invaluable y agradezco tus contribuciones a la clase, especialmente en respecto a la pronunciacion."

"Emma is so thorough and methodical I always feel that the class gives me the framework I need to do homework etc."

"The class is very direct and clear, the materials we have to work with are fantastic and clear."

"I really appreciate your [Rodrigo's] expertise and enthusiasm as an instructor. Your small group speaking sessions helped me solidify material we learned in the big group."

"Fantastic! This class and this textbook is really the best I could have hoped for. I've used other textbooks and resources for many years trying to learn this language, but it was not until you guys that it is making perfect sense."

"Thank you [Doug] for your amazing textbook. Yours is an absolutely AMAZING resource. I've sent it to several members of my ayllu who have an interest in learning Quechua."

"You [Emma] are wonderful! I love that you challenge students to figure out the answers to their own questions rather than just telling us. You explain grammar very well. I appreciate the culturally specific drawings / photos / famous people as examples to talk about."

"I love the energy and humor and passion you [Rodrigo] bring to all our sessions. I also really love the way you can offer nuance to our lessons, and bring real-life experience into the classroom.

"I love your [Rodrigo's] positivity, kindness and care with each of us. You bring such important knowledge to our classroom, and you make learning a lot of fun. You are such a wonderful teacher."

"Your class is really special; I've smiled a lot and find that the dynamic both Doug and Rodrigo have is not only engaging but truly fun."

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