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During the pandemic we ran a newsletter featuring news, stories, and interviews. Although we no longer have time to write them, you can still read the old ones.


New classes from the Quechua Collective, resources for studying Quechua, the reopening of the Planet Word museum, jewelry for Andeans in the Diaspora, and more. Plus an interview with Quechua Collective assistant director Jessica Huancacuri!


Speaking about Quechua at the New York Public Library, a new theater performance with Quechua artists, "Willakuyqunata Awaspa" at the Smithsonian Mother Tongue Film Festival, and more. Plus, an interview with Inkarayku founder Andrés Jiménez!


Quechua conversation hour, an Inkarayku virtual concert, a discussion of the film "Máxima," a recap of the Quechua Alliance conference, and more. Plus, an interview with Quechua Collective instructor Doug Cooke!


A new Quechua instruction book from Doug Cooke, the upcoming Quechua Alliance conference, a new Quechua program at the University fo Colorado Boulder, and the May Sumak Quichwa film showcase, and more. Plus, an interview with Luz Pereira, founder of Pachamama Peruvian Arts in Queens!


A new semester of Quechua Cusqueña 101, the upcoming Women in Language virtual conference, COVID-19 PSAs in Quechua, Kichwa Hatari's sixth anniversary, and more. Plus, an interview with Quechua Collective member Rea Smith!

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