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Musical Group

Inkarayku is a Quechua word which means “because of the Inkas”. Led by founder Andres Jimenez, the group seeks to preserve and promote Andean arts and culture through the performance and education of indigenous music forms that have evolved into the contemporary mestizo music heard today. Many of their songs are sung in Quechua. Their mission is to link the past, present and future of Andean arts, by ensuring that the Andean culture remains eternal, forever adapting in order to survive but never forgetting its origins and ancestry.

Living Quechua

Short Film

Elva Ambía Rebatta's first language is Quechua, but when she left her town in Peru as a young woman to find work in the United States, speaking Spanish and English became critical for her to survive. While Quechua–a language indigenous to South America–continues to be spoken around the world as a result of such migration stories, UNESCO and other initiatives recognize it as an endangered language. Now in her seventies, Elva decides to help cultivate a Quechua-speaking community in New York City. Living Quechua follows Elva through the challenges and successes of trying to keep Quechua alive.

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