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book two photos

These photos are meant to accompany Quechua Cusqueño, Book Two.

This page: Chapters 1-17. Next page:  Chapters 18-24. 

Chapter 3:

Q'ello uchu (ají amarillo), with garlic and olluco. 


Uchu often appears on Nasca pottery. 


Chapter 7:

Wiñay Wayna is a beautiful tampu (Inka waystation)  found on the Inka Trail. Wiñay can also mean “forever”. Thus, Wiñay Wayna means “forever young”. 

21 Winay Wayna (11).JPG
21 Winay Wayna (49).JPG
21 Winay Wayna (92).JPG

Chapter 10:

The department of Ayacucho is famous for the lovely town of Quinoa, the Inka usnu in Vilcashuaman, and its retablos, miniature scenes built inside a painted cabinet. Some portray religious or historical scenes, while others show the daily life of the people, eating, drinking, and dancing. 

A samana wasi in the town of Quinoa.

12 - Quinua (7).JPG

The usnu at Vilcashuamán. An usnu can be a simple platform or a pyramid-like structure like this one. 

06 - Vilcashuaman (52).JPG

A retablo in Ayacucho. Retablos can be small or large and elaborate. They can depict religious themes, historical scenes, or daily life. 

01 - Ayacucho (39).JPG

Chapter 10:

A humint'a (humita in Spanish) is steam corn dough wrapped in corn leaves. It is very similar to the Mexican tamal. 


Chapter 13:

A charanku or charango. 




Sikukuna (panpipes). 

A waman (falcon) in Quinoa, Arequipa. 


Chapter 17:

The puna, or highlands. Most people in the puna grow tubers or quinoa and raise animals. In this little hamlet of Pantay in the Cusco region, the famous puya tree grows.

puna 30 Pantay (40).JPG

A haywakuy, or offering, is made to an apu or to Pachamama. Such offerings are made before beginning a project (planting, building a house) or going on a long journey. This haywakuy was made in the archaeological site Wariwillka in Huari, Huancayo. 

Haywakuy - Warivilka - return (79).JPG

This haywakuy is preserved in a museum in Yanque, Colca Canyon. We see various qerokuna (cups), kuka, and a llama fetus. An animal sacrifice is called arpa. 

hawakuy- Yanque (130).jpg
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